Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Outfit of the week!

Posted by Keira Nicole at 01:20
Last weekend, we did a photoshoot at my place to kick-start the fashion stuff we wanted to blog about, so now I have a backlog of pictures to blog about. Luckily, the only thing I know to do to pictures is to select filters and put a frame, so I didn't have to painstakingly photoshop our pictures. So I apologize in advance that they don't look "perfect" like other blogs. 

Our outfit of the week! 

Me: Last week, Nicole and I went crazy at the Love Mi boutique at Star Vista when we went for lunch and bought a few dresses each. I wanted to showcase this one because I love the poofy cap sleeves! :)

Chain: Big CC logo chain from Chanel
Shoes: I wore this pair of super cheap wedges that I got at a neighborhood fair. Think they were like 22 bucks or something like that and super comfy!
Dress: Love Mi
Nicole decided to try something funky like pose with our lab equipment. Hur hur.
I love the way she paired her printed dress with simple ballet raised flats.

Dress: Bysi
Shoes: Ferragamo

My next blog will be about our photoshoot that should happen pretty regularly. I will go to my fabulous friends' homes and ask them to pick their 5 favorite looks so the readers can gain inspiration and pick what they like about it. Will kickstart it with me, of course. Hehe.

Stay tuned!



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